Image “solr-k8s”

Upstream Hub Solr Pulls RTD Build

This container image includes a dependency service to run Dataverse, a Java EE based web application for research data management, on a container platform. It is derived from upstream Solr images, using the required version.

It is primarily targeted to be used in production on Kubernetes, but if you follow the same conventions, you should be able to use it with other tools like Docker or podman.

Supported tags

Quick reference

Below you will find some documentation about the image itself. To fully understand how to use it, you should go to the Dataverse Cloud & Container Guide. (This file is part of it.)

Please remember that the collection name is hardcoded in Dataverse as collection1 and available as $COLLECTION.

Important Directories

This image possesses a user solr with uid=8983. The Solr index server is running as solr, not root. Please remember to grant write permission to this user on any volumes used for the below directories.

  • /opt/solr/server/solr/collection1/conf
    Configuration files like solrconfig.xml, schema.xml plus default schema_dv_mdb_copies.xml and schema_dv_mdb_fields.xml live here. Also available as $COLLECTION_DIR/conf.

  • /opt/solr/server/solr/collection1/data
    Mount a volume to persist the actual index. Also available as $COLLECTION_DIR/data.

  • /schema
    You can place your customized Solr Index fields configuration here. Solr will try to read from schema_dv_mdb_copies.xml and schema_dv_mdb_fields.xml on startup or fallback to those shipped with the image (see above). Also available as $SCHEMA_DIR

    Please read the detailed docs about Solr schema provisioning:

  • /scripts
    A collection of scripts for init containers and sidecars. See guide for more information on those scripts. Also available as $SCRIPT_DIR.

Secrets and Credentials

This container does not use any secrets or credentials right now.

Update policy

Please be aware that future enhancements to scripting and more used to deploy and configure Dataverse will not be added to old releases (“fix forward”).

Nonetheless, only the latest and current stable image tag will receive any (security) updates released for underlying images. This happens as a scheduled build each night, pushing to Docker Hub. Please take care of updating, depending on your deployment.

You should be encouraged to update to the latest release ASAP. If you need to stay with a certain version, please feel free to open an issue.

Support Disclaimer

This image is maintained and supported by the Dataverse community. IQSS, Harvard, Cambridge is not providing support for it. Please find details how to contact the maintainers in the Dataverse Cloud & Container Guide.