Container Images

This project provides Dockerfile s and scripts included in container images to be used for Dataverse deployment and maintenance.

  1. You can use images from Docker Hub. Those are built and tested by CI on every push to release and tags.

  2. Derive from these and push your customized image to a place you like.

  3. Build the genuine images yourself and push to a registry of your choice.


Currently, images on Docker Hub contain released upstream versions of Dataverse only. See image documentation for details.

Container Startup

Solr Search index

Described in detail at Search Index Jobs.

Dataverse Application Server

When the Kubernetes pod containing the application server container starts, one of the following happens, dependent on the type of image you are using.

The following happens when using the Image “dataverse-k8s” or a derived image.

!includeurl ""

participant "<color:#royalblue><$pod></color>\nContainer" as K
participant Tini
note right Tini: "Tiny init"\
participant "Entrypoint" as E
participant "Init script" as I
participant "Appserver" as A

create Tini
K -> Tini: Start

create E
Tini -> E: Start
create I
E -> I: Start

create A
I -> A: Start
activate A
I -> A: Configure password aliases
I -> A: Configure keys for S3
I -> A: Configure resources
I -> A: Configure Dataverse\nJVM options
I -> A: Stop
destroy A
I -> I: Symlink WAR & more

create A
E -> A: Start in foreground
activate A
E --> Tini: exec(): replace with Appserver
destroy E
Tini -> A: Keep running until container stops
A -> A: Autodeploy WAR