Object Storage

Dataverse offers storing data on object storage like AWS S3 or OpenStack Swift. You should read upstream docs on this:

Since Dataverse v4.20, multiple storage locations are supported for both local or remote storage or mixed (see also Storage and Backup).

To enable object storage locations, you need to follow three steps:

  1. Create your Secrets. If you deploy both your storage solution and Dataverse to the same cluster / location, you should share them somehow. Docs on how to create secrets for Dataverse and apply them to the pod can be found in Credentials and Secrets.

  2. Prepare and/or deploy your object storage solution

  3. Configure Dataverse to make use of it. See Configuration for details on how to create a configuration.

Minio Example Demo

In the Minio Integration Demo you can find a very basic example how to deploy a simple Minio service to your cluster plus patching the Dataverse deployment to include the S3 credentials from the Secret.

Simply deploy with kubectl apply -k github.com/IQSS/dataverse-kubernetes/personas/demo-integrate-minio