Currently, only Docker is supported for image building. Find details how to install Docker see upstream documentation.

You might try to build with Podman or Buildah. This has the advantage of no need to run a Docker daemon, which might be easier when using your custom CI. As of podman v1.6.2 images seem to build successfully.

Build release images

Simple with Docker (or Podman) after cloning the project and accessing the source folder:

docker build -t iqss/dataverse-k8s:4.20 -f docker/dataverse-k8s/glassfish/Dockerfile .
docker build -t iqss/solr-k8s:4.20 docker/solr-k8s

Please remember to change the tag above as appropriate. You should be using tagged images as best practice, not empty or latest.

See also

Building development flavored images is described at Dataverse Development Usage.

Build with podman

When building images with podman, you need to be aware that DNS and hostname is handled differently than with Docker.

If you see an error like There is a process already using the admin port 4848 failing the build, you might fear of a DNS problem.

Please try to use podman build --add-host=$(hostname): ... as your build command, otherwise the appserver will not start because it cannot reach your host IP from within the container.

See also